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Respect Inspire Support Empower (RISE)

What is the RISE project

The RISE project aims to support young people involved in and living with violent crime in certain parts of the UK, such as inner-city areas. It does this in partnership with local organisations.

Youth-related knife crime in these areas has destroyed families and torn communities apart. It has also held back the aspirations of local young people. The project will support young people affected by these issues.

What’s involved

The RISE project provides workshops for young people to learn first aid and conflict management skills. These skills will enable them to better defuse dangerous situations. It will also provide them with the first aid knowledge and skills to deal with worst-case scenarios where a knife has been used.

Participants have the option to complete all the workshops on offer to help build their CV. They are also provided with advice on how these skills can support their future career.

What’s currently happening with the RISE project

The RISE project is currently being redeveloped.

It will be piloted in areas where there has been a high volume of knife incidents, initially in London. In mid-2020, we aim to roll out the project to other areas identified as being in need and with high levels of youth violence.

Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about the RISE project, or would like to be considered as a pilot partner, please contact our Community Development Team.

Email or call 020 7324 4184.


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